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Pāli Keyboard

Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu (Linux) Keyboards for Typing with Unicode Roman-script Pāli Fonts

In order to type Pāli, you need a tool to map keystrokes to Pāli characters. Please use the links below to install the appropriate keyboard settings.

Windows: Pali keyboard

Mac OSX 10.2 or later: EasyUnicode keyboard.zip (includes keyboard maps)

Mac installation instructions Note: there are two subsequent steps to activate it that are not immediatly clear on the installation page. First, go to System Preferences, International, Input Menu, then scroll down about half way and select EasyUnicode. Also check the box for "Show input menu in Menu bar". From there, go to your menu bar and select the input menu (in the U.S., it is an american flag representing U.S. English). Then select EasyUnicode. Once this is done, you can use the Option key to activate the diacriticals as defined here.

Ubuntu (Linux): Installation instructions